Robin Spielberg’s American Tapestry

The trio delights audiences with the music that, over generations, has become woven into the fabric of American culture.  From the Civil War to the Gold Rush to the great wave of immigration during the first half of the Twentieth Century, these songs chronicle journeys, hardships and loves won and lost, all the while celebrating the beauty and majesty of America. Fresh and innovative arrangements of these precious American gems are interwoven with new music and the stories that inspired them.  “These are melodies (that) suggest a hand of comfort and connection from past to present.” -Music Road


Robin Spielberg: piano, vocals
Kate MacLeod: vocals, guitar, fiddle,
Megan Knapp: cello, hand percussion

special guest: Valerie Kosson: percussion




Larry Kosson  717-227-0060

Tech Rider & Stage Plot

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Letters from Presenters

“The American Tapestry show is enchanting.The music is familiar and well-loved by the audience. In fact, many audience members were singing along with a large portion of the show…all three performers are top-notch. This is a show I would definitely recommend to my fellow presenters.” –Tommy Hensel, Moraine Valley Community College (Chicago area)

“It was so great to work with American Tapestry. Thanks for a wonderful show and for bringing such a great performance to our residents!” -J. Elswick,  Performing Arts Coordinator, Westminster Canterbury Richmond