Posted by Kosson Talent On July - 13 - 2018 Comments Off on Gina Chavez’ New Music Video for “Heaven Knows” – Billboard Interview

Gina Chavez Gives a Peek Inside Her Wedding With ‘Heaven Knows’ Video: Premiere

Gina Chavez’s wedding video has an afterlife beyond showing it to friends and family members.

The Texas singer-songwriter has turned footage from the ceremony and reception last September with her wife Jodi Ganado into the video for “Heaven Knows,” premiering exclusively below from Chavez’s upcoming EP Lightbeam. “Jodi is a real behind-the-scenes kind of person. The only way I could probably get her in a music video was if I filmed our wedding, so that was the original plan,” Chavez, who recently returned from a combination honeymoon/European tour, tells Billboard.


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