Posted by Kosson Talent On July - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Jimmy Webb on The Late Show with David Letterman Performing “MacArthur Park”

Jimmy Webb, Paul Shaffer, Wil Lee and the 23-piece CBS Orchestra blew the “roof” off with an epic performance of the iconic “MacArthur Park” (composed by Jimmy Webb).


First recorded in 1968 by Richard Harris, the song has been a hit for several artists including Donna Summers, The Four Tops, Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed.

“We have the great Jimmy Webb, the composer of the tune, playing with us today, so he is going to make sure that we are letter perfect. He is just the greatest guy and wrote so many great hits and really had a lot to do with changing music,” Paul Shaffer said on WCBS Radio.

“As I analyze the harmonies and the chords I see, wow… Jimmy Webb broke a lot of ground with this thing.”

Here is video for the Late Show with David Letterman Performance:

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