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Did a screaming, hairy armadillo just amble into the middle of reported tensions between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan?

Toward the end of Thursday’s Live With Kelly and Michael, Mutual of Omaha’s Peter Gros brought out the mammal as part of an animal segment, noting its size and lack of teeth forces it to scare off predators by shrieking. “He’s about to scare me away!” chimed in Strahan, as the creature continued its noisy protests.

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Seconds later, Ripa declared that “something just flew off of [the armadillo] and into my mouth.” When Gros asked if she’d like a napkin, Ripa exclaimed, “I want to take him into contract negotiations with me!” before breaking up with laughter.

“He always gets his way with a predator!” joked Gros, in response.

Strahan, for his part, didn’t even crack a smile, then scrunched up his nose as he and Ripa caught a whiff of the pungent beast. “He’s got a nice smell to him,” Strahan observed sarcastically.

Also smelling peculiar? Over the past two days, neither Strahan nor Ripa ….

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