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On January 19th, 2019, Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet kicked off their 40th year as Trout Fishing in America by recording two sold-out shows for multiple generations of fans at The Epic Theater in Grand Prairie, TX.  “Trout Fishing in America, Live at The Epic Theater” is the 26th Trout album released on their Trout Records label.  It is also their first live album recorded as a duo. 

Ezra plays electric bouzouki, guitar, and electric banjo throughout the set.  If you never considered the words “funky” and “banjo” together, the song “Don’t Touch My Stuff” will change your mind.  Keith adds electric bass guitar and upright bass to the mix.  In their cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Ode To Big Blue”, Keith utilizes the upper register of the upright to mimic the sounds of a whale, bowing the bass rather than plucking the strings.  Their original songs come from the voices of their experience.  “Don’t Touch My Stuff” is a response to having their van and instruments stolen several years ago.  “When The Fog Rolls In” pays tribute to the beauty of living in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas.  “Lullaby” was written to put their children to sleep.  And “Someone Your Age” is a blues song inspired by Keith’s yearly physical exam. 

The 16-song set defies genre, providing the audience with Trout’s signature mixture of rock and roll, blues, funk, jazzy swing, bluegrass and even a polka.  Trout knows how to move an audience, taking them on a journey through old favorites and newer releases all backed by a level of musicianship and showmanship that indicate these guys are still at the top of their game. 

The new CD is available here:

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